promised land

a flesh and blood example of faith in modern america – a drink offering poured out – gets soaked up in two seconds flat in the desert of the church.

the church is a desert.

i know i am.

last night two brave souls laid their lives out bare like bones found, and rightfully theirs, but they shared the find and they asked us to pray. pray that god would give life to those dry bones. we bowed our heads and quiet like a picture, joy showed up.

the joy of being downwardly mobile in the united states of america today.

we felt like convicts. jailed up by our wrong thinking even though we know god says that he lives with the poor, even though we say that we serve god and not money. when someone takes their flesh and their blood and says this lifetime of mine, i’ll believe out loud and i’ll live unlike the american dream, we need it.

oh how we need it.

It would be rash to say that there is any prayer which God never grants. But the strongest candidate is the prayer we might express in the single word encore. And how should the Infinite repeat Himself? All space and time are too little for Him to utter Himself in them once.   And the joke, or tragedy, of it all is that these golden moments in the past, which are so tormenting if we erect them into a norm, are entirely nourishing wholesome, and enchanting if we are content to accept them for what they are, for memories. Properly bedded down in a past which we do not miserably try to conjure back, they will send up exquisite growths. Leave the bulbs alone, and the new flowers will come up. Grub them up and hope, by fondling and sniffing, to get last year’s blooms, and you will get nothing. “Unless a seed die….”

~ CS Lewis

the world stands out there like a church.  the blue sky a vaulted ceiling with its reaches refusing to be chiseled or hammered or brought low and captured into an old warehouse or a school auditorium.  we need to live larger and believe that miracles happen in real time, bigger than we’ve known or seen or heard tell of.

god has more to do with us than what has gone before.

look.  he’s doing a new thing. and joy will be your confirmation.

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