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this weekend found thirty women in a lodge on a lake.  we built fires and god spoke about being fire and how with parts of creation, the only way to new life is through fire.  we sang and we prayed.

we sang and we prayed.

i forget that this isn’t normal and it’s not what most people do on the weekends.  that you drive out of the city and turn down the dirt roads.  that laurel takes out her guitar and prays with a true heart and sings her heart out so that when we look at the trees and the water beyond her through the walls of windows, we hear god’s heart for us, the small, hopeful wandering of thirty women.

saturday decided to stun us with its sun on the water and we went running in the woods, amanda and i.  she is perseverance.  she may not be the fastest, but she’ll outlast you and me, and i am thankful that no one else showed up to run.  deer made themselves seen and then disappeared again.  and we prayed about how we fail and how god sees us and we were thankful.

mary and joy brought their stories and encouraged us that the future, like outer space, doesn’t support life terribly well. joy sat cross legged and warned that carrying the pasts worries through today gives you back trouble.  another friend who once drove the farthest to talk life to women, chelsea, puts it this way ~

“there is no grace in the future or in the past.  whatever we imagine about other time is absent of the grace of god.  only right now is there his presence and when we live in the moment, we experience that grace.”

the gratitude list ~ one thousand gifts ~ #328 – 337

singing an old song
deer on the trail, too
blogging community
the knoll lodge housing thirty hearts
sister in law, mother in law, father in law
the sun on the water
mary’s prayer
considering others better than myself
being brave
bare branches, waiting and bracing themselves for the snow