ode to a latte


i have consumed far too many lattes.  they are comfort food in a cup.  each fall they roll out ‘the pumpkin spice’ latte.

this past weekend i went to avalon bakery in detroit and lo – when i was handed their version of the pumpkin spice, they’d crafted a tiny pumpkin within the very foam pictured above.

i didn’t know what to say.  i didn’t want to ruin it, but ’twas a cruel trick and drink it, i did.  it was superb.  it was fall coffee realized.  i was so pleased.


then there’s this place.  this is a market about half a mile from our house.  very close and so lovely.  this is the scene you walk pass when going in to get your gallon of local milk.  they don’t have to be so thoughtful.  they don’t have to pay so much attention to detail.  western market – you consistently pull it off.

i guess i say all this, make a big fuss, because i cared way too much today about changing up my blog.  i like paying attention to small things, like sentences.  today i tried to pay a little attention to how i present those sentences.

i hope this is a fashioned detail in the foam of a pretty damn good latte.  i hope this is a autumnal vision that welcomes you on your way to supporting local business.