god in the fog

when i walk down the street a foot doesn’t fall that i don’t take note of it.  there were clouds at the windows this morning and so we went outside to see and to not be able to see.  i take in most every bit of information to assess what?  my place in it all.  I can’t not notice the details.

it is good to pay attention to the small things – but for what purpose?  to present a picture of myself within them?  to keep myself safe?  or could it be redeemed and i could learn to see them outside of the picture they paint of me and to appreciate them?  these near constant thoughts of what takes place, who walks where and the placement of it can become independent of me.

i’m telling the truth when i say i am insecure.

god goes deep.  if you think it is about behavior, the ten commandments with check off boxes that go with them – you’re wrong.  his life in me is working out into every particle, not only to my consciousness, but deeper than my consciousness.

do you feel you are less able than others to pinpoint where god is changing you? something wrong with your eyes these days and you can’t see god in your life?

that’s as it should be.

i’d like to hold tight in my hands this working god does in me, but no.  he is the best of workers.  he shows up each day, not saying a word and gets right to work.  he’s not tempted to draw attention to what he’s accomplished or to goof off.  he is a professional.  he is there in you, doing his work, and he barely leaves a footprint.  at least as far as you’re concerned.  what other people see – you can’t know.

you’re not supposed to know.

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