before the snow falls

we went to the woods.
we gathered up leaves and dry pine needles to build fairy houses at troll hollow.

challenged by the seasons and the faithful heart of god in nature, we drive out to see summer, autumn, winter and spring.  this time is all a mess.  we kick as we walk and we bury each one of us in turn with so many leaves still untouched.  we stopped and were quiet and we watched the leaves fall like snow, silent twirling.  it is good to be outside together.  it is unbelievable, too, to walk and look around a corner and find beauty that i imagine is reserved for the hereafter.

the world is more lovely and extravagant and generous than we can take in.  and it still only holds a glimmer of its maker.  i’m thankful for our day outdoors, even if it did end in someone walking right into the river, even if it did mean the youngest howling for her forgotten nap.

if your backyard seems too small and you wish you could give your kids acres to breathe in, just go.  they’re here for us and they are free.  you don’t have to mortgage your soul away to be outside and know it belongs to you.  because it does.  it already does.