another word for thank you

we’re heading into quite the four days around our house.  today there are no school bells ringing and so each child is home and i’m here with them.  it used to be this way everyday.  now it takes us a little time to remember how to be together. i’m thankful.

that is what this season is about.  being thankful.  today we’ll attempt to go out and serve as a family.  all five of us are joining josh’s mom and her lovely church that feeds those in need each wednesday night.  this act of faithfulness is making room for us tonight and so we’ll take a two year old and a six year old and an eight year old and we’ll walk next to them as they carry potatoes and slices of pie out to tables of folks seldom served.

we’ll spend thanksgiving day with josh’s sister and her husband’s family.  think restful, think board games, think mulled wine, think beautiful.  this is where we shall bring our thankful cards…today the kids and i will sit at the table with scissors and paints (?) and put down words that we are thankful for.  we will tape them on our walls, on our floors, on our foreheads and we will bring them with us to aunt eli’s and uncle devan’s house and we will boast in our thanksgiving.

a friday matinee of the nutcracker will officially begin the christmas season for this little family.  each year we go, the kids become more attentive having fallen in love with the music and now they know it by heart.  to attend a ballet each year is truly a gift, how thankful we are.

the next day we’ll drive to greenfield village and buy our christmas tree!!!   i may be a little excited about this…just a bit.

i will keep my camera close at hand and i promise to live life in the moment these next days…and take pictures.  i look forward to it and to sharing it with you when all is said and done.

take time this thanksgiving and weave thankfulness into the spirits of your children and into your own spirit.  serve and celebrate and love one another and accept the blessings brought your way.  then look up with remembering and say thank you.