expensive days

Some days find me in the kitchen all day long.  Breakfast table set like the dinner table and everyone gathered around.

Cooking must be therapeutic or a retreat, because why else would i do it?  I retreat.  I look for mental help.  Why does rising dough dusted with flour soothe?  Why does the soup bubbling and the chives fresh cut from the garden speak peace?

Mazzy made cookies with me.  She mixed and poured.  She slid the sheet into the warm, waiting oven.  Maybe it’s that all this effort is obligation met with reward.  The reward being everyone set down to pray and then a whole day’s work gobbled up in less than twenty minutes.

There is an artist, both memory and internet can not recall his name, who creates masterpieces that are made to exist temporarily.  He believes that for the moments when his intention is realized, when all comes together to create what he’s envisioned, that it’s worth it.

A great waste of time.  Spending extravagant on moments.  God in each detail.  Rain on blooming lilacs.  Tulip stems solid for the two weeks or so they remain.  Abraham’s new tooth bulging out the pink front gum.  Dinner on the table.  Bread made from scratch.  Fleeting.  All running by and each one without price.

“Come, all you who are thirsty,
come to the waters;
and you who have no money,
come, buy and eat!
Come, buy wine and milk
without money and without cost.”

i’ve decided 50 thanks at once is a bit much.  so let’s just play it by ear, shall we?

101. the inventive ways god leads us all

102. that daniel was called the chief magician!

103. trains crossing in the morning.

104. that god likes low.  god is fond of the loser.

105. some friends i’ve known for twenty years now.

106. letting go.

107. sick days.

108. mexican town in detroit.

109. road trips.

110. eleanor’s two year old logic.

111. coffee filter roses

112. learning love.

113. the friendship offered in listening.

114. library books.

Enjoy the weather.  Spring is upon us and none too quietly.  I hope today finds you well, friends.


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