learning wonder

saturday night ended the faith and writing festival. i sat in vespers so full. i worshiped with poets and i was a burning star in my wooden chair. i am thankful.

calvin college feeds the hungry every other year. this year they fed the near starving. i cried most days for the truth and the communion and the call.

i met with and heard out. i talked to and listened long. i ate really good indian food and i thanked god for the body of christ explained to this member that forgets.

i forget that i am a writer. god doesn’t though. so i’m picking up the pen and putting down the words. i’m being generous with my own story.


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  1. I was thinking of you during Festival Week and am glad to read that it was a moving and transforming experience. I hope that you are charged and challenged to write and write and write, my dear and talented friend.

  2. writing i have been. we’ll see what happens…the great thing about festival is that it reminds me writing is within my reach.


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