seasonal employee

spring is making some promises.  i know she’ll make good on them, but when the coat gets pulled close and the scarf still wraps around, you have to wonder.

change.  it’s given when it comes and then it’s all we have.  but before that point we construct it ourselves.  or try to.

too soon is my flower on the branch.  mine comes before it’s time, always has.

oh god.

how long we wait.
how quick our years.

i wonder about the construction paper budding that i’d look upon and call the work of god.  do things really come from your hand god?


they do.

and they will.

so help me today, god.  you alone give what is real.  you satisfy us with the bud of new springtime.  you alone.  there is no debating it.  i have no part in the change that satisfies true.  we can only wait and receive and say thank you.

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