hurry up and wait

this week found us rushing to the doctor’s office. abraham had been quiet about his sore throat, but the pain had gone on too long. i scrambled to get all of them and me in the van and down the road.


i don’t like being late.

as we hummed along, the snowflakes fell fatter and fatter and slapped themselves on the windshield. i don’t think i noticed. it was nearing appointment time.

we parked. i directed with a sternness, that we needed to get out and get in. abe jumped out of one side of the van and i stood waiting for mazzy to get herself out of my side so i could begin the science of unbuckling a toddler from a car seat.

mazzy reached the edge of the van’s doorway and did not move.

“come on, mazzy. let’s go.”


she squinted out into the snow sun and ignored me completely. then she titled her head back, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

she was catching snowflakes. on her tongue.  trying to, at least. at least she tried.

well, i put an end to that.  i gave the orders and soon we were all flying down a hallway to sit and wait in a waiting room.  sitting there, heart pounding, i had to shake my head.

that just may sum up the past eight years of life with my daughter. i’m in a big hurry and she stops to catch snowflakes on her tongue.


i forgot.

i have a condition that wipes clean my memory every morning.  i forget what’s important, what is good about life.  sometimes i remember right before i go to bed.  sometimes i wake up early because i’ve learned i need to remind myself as soon as possible.  sometimes jesus uses other people who are sitting right in front of me trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues.


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  1. “that just may sum up the past eight years of life with my daughter. i’m in a big hurry and she stops to catch snowflakes on her tongue.”

    i almost laughed out loud when i read that because it’s so true! god gave you a really beautiful reminder to slow down when he gave you mazzy.

    also? i cannot get over how grown up she has gotten. she’s lovely, zena.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. It’s a great reminder to me as well. I need to slow down and enjoy each moment. I love these pictures of Mazzy. We were just looking through pictures the other day and came across ones of Michael and I holding her when she was newly born and one of her sleeping on our bed maybe during group. What an amazing time that was. Love you and Miss you!

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