gifts in the morning

i’ve been savoring the days.


days are long.  sometimes there’s enough in one to send us over the edge.  perspective is needed.  with the dimming of the winter sun, i turn thoughts toward home.  i think it’s the cold.  it tucks us all in.  retreating, i find i like closing the door and saying goodnight to the whole, cold world.


mornings can do us in quicker than bad news.  thoughts of the previous days and worries of the ones to come fester in the brain upon consciousness.  it is work.  work.  to imagine and then to believe that this day, again, is a gift.


years ago, librarian husband brought home a donated prayer book.  it’s title, simple, ‘prayer of christians.’  when the spirit moves or i have no prayers myself, i read it at it’s appointed times on it’s appointed days.  this morning the concluding prayers concluded with this one:

Help us to follow you wholeheartedly today, ~ and to seek you at all times.

it isn’t a requirement, but the gift of each day is free to be given back to the giver.  the work.  work.  we will see what you have for us today, lord.  help us catch a glimpse, and we will pour it out.  again.  because it’s the only joy we’ve ever known.


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