beauty here

it’s the little things.


my life is filled (like yours) with minutes and hours and people.  i make decisions that change the outcomes of my day and the day of those i live among; each hour, for good…for not.

we got some of our list accomplished.


now it’s monday.  and the house lies in ruins.  we paid more attention to people than cleaning.  i don’t think we spent much time vacuuming or dusting.  so the pine needles are enlarging their borders on the living room rug and the kitchen table hasn’t changed much from this –


there are things to do.  the to-do list grows as the child grows.  today i have to pay attention to both.  but before i serve the list, i’ll serve the child who is to be born next week as we celebrate it.  i’ll serve him with thanks:

~ small girls who love ‘horsey’

~mother and sister in law who love well

~a snug house to clean

~librarian husband who lives out a fatherhood he did not see

~ abraham’s compassion

~ christmas shopping


merry christmas and silver bells.


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