ignore me and do what you need to

school starts next week.  summer is at once both long and quick.  i remembered today marveling at michigan in the springtime in a conversation that feels like it took place yesterday.  but tomorrow is september.

the cool air has stayed.  i’d thought it to be a mere quirk.  i thought we’d see summer in full sun again.  so far, i’ve been wrong.  long pants and sweaters have made their way to the front of my closet…but i look out and see green leaves on trees still.  i know, i know…their death is from the inside out.  soon enough we’ll all take note of their terminal fates.  each one falling to it’s colorful finale.

my summer highlight is mazzy at lake michigan.  the water was cold.  it was too cold to swim.  it hurt your legs to stand in it, even though the day was well above 80 degrees.  mazzy loves to swim underwater and to hold her breath there with eyes open.  she’s a fish.

she approached the pristine shore that looked across to the dunes and ran in.  quickly she ran out.  she walked over to her father and i, sand sticking to two girl thin legs.

“it’s cold!”

“yes.  it’s too cold for swimming, maz.”

“throw me in.”

we looked down at her determined face not sure we heard her right.

“throw you in?”

she stared and held her hands to her hips.  she nodded.  she would swim.  she would go under.  even if it meant overcoming her own will and the elements.  someone would need to throw her in.

so we did.  a few times.  every time she came out and said it was freezing and asked to be thrown in again.  every time i marveled at a person who had it so right.  if there is something you are suppose to do and you can’t bring yourself to do it.  go to someone bigger than you and ask them to throw you in anyway.


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  1. this is so good. I have read it everyday. so good that she did it, so good that you took notice and so good that you decided to share.

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