my day and my kids

this spring has had it’s share of robin egg blue shells found by my son.  as well as three nests.


i’m not sure what these birds are up to.  today was a day full of sun and wind.  the kids and i took a long drive out to the farms in michigan and ended up at one of our favorites.  calder’s dairy.  sigh.  if you visit through out the year you see the young calves move from their individual stalls to the feeding area for the older ones…their ear tags bear their given names.  some i saw today; ‘gems’ ‘sukey’ and ‘louis’.  they still sell milk with cream on the top.  they have an ice cream parlor on the premises and sell the fresh goodness right there beside the cows.  don’t get me started on the butter.  we had a nice time.

we arrived home and the baby cried to stay outdoors.  so we went to the backyard and she tumbled around in a well loved car we have had for a couple of years now.  she was so proud.


i talked with an old friend today.  it’s been years since i heard her voice.  i was so pleased to remember her deep visions and faith in a good god.  there’s a phone call i was glad to make.  well, i can’t not include a picture of miss mazzy.  so here’s one of me and my girl.


well, enjoy your day off, do the hard work of loving the person in front of you and have a good night, friends.


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  1. wow. this makes me want to bottle your children and spread them out like sauce whenever i am in need of happiness.

    the above sounds either like i’m entirely crazy or that i just don’t really have a mastery over the english language.

    i’m sure one of those is true.

  2. You’re not on facebook anymore. Cute pictures of the family. Just wanted to wish Josh a Happy Birthday today. Well, I guess now yesterday. Hope you guys are doing well.

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