valentines, our van and a sled

the sun was muted behind the clouds of the grey winter sky.  it really was.  i looked at it a few times while abe held onto a blue orb of plastic which sent him at moderate speed down the sledding hill.

when the sun is like that, able to be looked at, a bright dime behind in the the sky, i marvel at the day.  it’s enough.  it’s still enough to have a day by.  how bright the light has to be.  the snow covered hill was not too much for mazzy.  she hiked back up at least twenty times and spilled off her sled, laughing.

my husband and i are not big into valentine’s day.  it’s a kid holiday.  you get the kids chocolate and balloons and cards.  it never translated to adulthood for us.  maybe we were our parent’s sweethearts.  maybe you were, too.  our anniversary is this weekend, eleven years, the proximity to the big love day accidental, but convenient for ever falling prey to feelings of valentine longing.

so the day before the candy hearts, they rode down the snowy hill and the trees fresh with snow reached out their branches like fishbones, so white.  their noses ran and their eyes looked up at us with much shining.  happy.  my children are happy.

then our van broke down.  nearly locked out by mom’s tendency to forget the key code, we drove on to jaja’s house to pick up that baby.  the van slowly landed us roadside, waiting for lots of folks to come help and ever thankful for the iphone.  we’re still waiting to hear what happend.  we’ve got a feeling it might be costly.

oh well.  oh well.  it was a costly day.  costing the great savior more grace to continue to catapult this miracle of a family forward.  costing the advertising gurus thousands and thousands on this bunch who never saw one commercial or entered one hallmark store.  costing the sun it’s due so that snow could cover us all again and make us glad, really glad, that life is as out of control as the sledder, hands in and feet tucked tight inside.

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