nice weather we’re having, eh?

yep oh, tylenol cold daytime, how i love thee.

your cool burst of citrus mint refreshes my very soul.  i trust you will trickle down into my bloodstream and possibly make this god forsaken sinus headache go away.

blah.  we’re sick.  again.

i want to talk about post nasal drip.

what the heck?  is there anything more infuriating than when your nose just drips?  there’s nothing to be done about it.  there’s no rhyme or reason to it.  just drips.



i’ve tried to control post nasal drip with the power of my mind today.  i tried to both make it drip, and to stop it from dripping. both attempts failed.  it’s insidious.

mazzy laughing
speaking of things you have no control over, i’ve been meaning to write about the weather.

back when i was younger, i despised conversations about the weather.  it was the epitomy of small talk.  so if someone brought up the weather, i made a mental note that they were possibly of questionable breeding.

but i don’t feel that way anymore.  in fact i’ve come 180 degrees from that position.  now i nearly stand around waiting for the weather to be brought up these days.  it happens much less than you’d think.

the attraction for me is the universal topic provided for those of us in the same vicinity.  those kind of conversation starters are few and far between now a days.

so there’s that.

but there’s also the fact that we can’t do a damn thing about it.  whatever it be. rain, snow, sunshine or wind; we’re all subject to the same conditions.  it’s about time the human race had something in common again.

well the sick baby is crying and my nose is dripping and the phone is ringing.  really.  all at the same time.

here’s to your health!

2 replies on “ nice weather we’re having, eh? ”
  1. Re: weather conversations
    Sometimes the weather seems quite worthy of note…as in outstandingly beautiful snow, or strong winds wiping out comcast and my gutter pipes all at the same time.
    Other times, I have a little voice in my head saying ‘OK, so we don’t know each other well, what we do have for a common conversational topic is weather….for now.’ Sometimes I will joke a little like…is this the best we can do here…talking about the weather?
    I have a friend for whom ‘weather’ is enough. Her physical surround, a raindrop, the bright sun, the balmy spring wind….it’s enough for her. No deeper for real. It’s really enough for her to be joyful to God. I have prayed about this truly, as in Lord, make me a person for whom weather is enough of an event for gratefulness deep down. I am not that person….yet?

    I like the look of your page…nice design Z

  2. the nose drip is not only completely annoying it leads to a very chapped nose which is not only a bit painful, it’s also very unattractive.

    speaking of weather, i’m over winter. like way over it.

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