riding horses in detroit

we’re coming through a long season of sickness. children catch and catch again complete with fevers and coughs.  breathing machine parts and used kleenex get strewn about the kitchen. pray for health in the ol’ neds-fox home.

yesterday i walked too long outside. i could’ve stopped, but the sun was promising warmth that the snow would not let it deliver. sunny days are hard to come by right now, so it lulled me out of the stables and into the light.

mazzy started riding horses last fall. lady, the only mare in the barn or rio, a speckled egg of horse. depends on the week. it’s been lady the past few times.  oats is a therapeutic riding center for people with disabilities.  folks donate horses that are pretty long in the tooth, but they may as well be stallions in the prime of life to their riders.


snowblind. maybe that shimmering too bright shining is a taste of the light we’ll eventually get used to; the light our eyes will have changed for so there’ll be no squinting.  we have no idea what light is, or how much we can take, it seems.  help me today.

help me enjoy looking across at the homes all tucked in, cozy under their thick, white blankets.  help me see my son in his police uniform, not yet taller than me, and be patient, kind even. help me to receive this day with a grateful heart, instead of wishing for another.

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  1. Dear Zen, sometimes in life, one has a tendency to be more critical of ones self. Reading past blogs and the not so easy family raising at times, makes me love you all the more. This is parenting at its highest. We learn as we grow, with our children, husbands, and friends. And being your mom, I have grown more as a person just having you in my life. 🙂

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