mexican town

just got back from said town.

mexican town is a few blocks of goodness nestled under the shadow of the ambassador bridge in downtown detroit. as my mother and i were leaving, the host on duty took a liking to us.  i’m not sure if he had a glass eye or not, but he didn’t exactly look at you.  he was short and hospitable, maybe in his upper sixties.  a little crazy, but he wanted to see you have a good time.  he led us out the back way, leaned in and with a conspiratorial tone told us to watch out in the kitchen because, “there’s a bunch of mexicans in there.”

i ordered what i usually order these days. chile relleno. breaded chiles filled with cheese which are then covered with cheese and baked. add two baskets of fresh chips, lots of salsa, guac, rice, beans and toritillas.  not too shabby.  but wait, i’m forgetting one thing. the margarita.

oh margarita from mexican town. you are so good. so good to me. how your salty sides made me smile. thank you. thank you.

i take my mom there for christmas. what can i say, i’m the selfless sort. sometimes you have to sacrifice for those you love and i’m willing to do that. wwjd.

but now i’m home. and i’m glad. my husband (who’s amazing. if you don’t know him, i’m not just saying that) has everyone asleep in bed and is currently making coffee for tomorrow morning while i write a blog in front of my christmas tree.

my cat is wandering by looking lost. wait now she’s darting away sliding across the wood floor. crazy freaking cat. i can’t help it that i had mexican and you eat purina indoor formula everyday. geesh.

on that note. goodnight.

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