my in-laws are football fans, which is a little foreign to me, but i love them and i love how much they love the lions and the tigers and the red wings and such. if you’re a football fan, then you can probably imagine what thanksgiving day is like for detroit sports fans… all football.

anyway, a commercial came on during the proceedings today, saying something like “a bad day with the lions is better than a good day with the in-laws.” so, the whole reason i’m posting on thanksgiving is simply to say that for me, the inverse is entirely true. i love my in-laws so much.

by way of explanation

inaugural post. a few weeks ago, i was dumbfounded to see my (now faraway) community suddenly embrace blogging, just about all at once. it’s a dangerous undertaking: you threaten to be familiar to everyone but still unknown. i purchased a domain name and set one up myself. ‘song from me’ are the last words of joni mitchell’s track ‘blue.’ this was my first screen name back in 1996.

Some things you should know

Juvenile Nonfiction is Joshua Neds-Fox’s blog v.4, internetted lovingly to you from Detroit, Michigan.

I’m worth $1MM in prizes.

I’ve redesigned this thing a handful of times, but I’m just gonna go with the native theme for a bit.

Try joshua, here at, via electronic mail, should you want to get in touch with me.

I hope you’re happy.