speaking in code

god has a way of coming through to me in music.

yesterday (yesterday!) i was thinking of a song that some family friends used to sing at the hippie church i went to as a child. it’s a song i remember note for note and word for word, but i’ve never ever heard anyone else sing it. they used to do all kinds of popular folk songs at church, get together, etc, so i guess i always wondered if it was someone else’s song. but yesterday i was thinking maybe they wrote it themselves, and i was considering calling them up to ask about it.

tonight, then (tonight!), i’m reading my php book, trying to figure out how to securely implement file upload, and thinking, “god, it’s hard for me to want to talk to you.” just vaguely thinking, it’s hard to dialogue with god, it can be hard to feel like he’s there, especially recently, specifically, for me. i have itunes on shuffle. on there i have an episode of bob dylan’s theme time radio hour that i haven’t totally explored yet.

and then, this song: the melodians. the rivers of babylon (.mp3, 4.8mb, just save it). and, he’s there. specifically. for me.


listening to jay pathak speak on times of transition; he relates a time when he complained to a friend about how hard things were, and expected that his friend would pray to have things change. his friend related a time when he expected the same, but felt clearly that god told him to desire stronger shoulders instead. jay urges that we not change with every changing situation, but change the world around us with our consistency instead: thermostats, not thermometers.

i’m reading pilgrim’s progress; today’s passage correlated strongly with jay’s message, for me:

it is good, also, that we desire of the king a convoy, yea, that he will go with us himself. this made david rejoice when in the valley of the shadow of death; and moses was rather for dying where he stood, than to go one step without his god. [exo. 33:15] oh, my brother, if he will but go along with us, what need we be afraid of ten thousands that shall set themselves against us? [ps. 3:5-8, 27:1-3] but, without him, the proud helpers ‘fall under the slain’. [isa. 10:4]