73. The heart of the matter

Graham Greene - The heart of the matterI picked this up for some bedtime reading, and was quickly drawn in by Greene’s perceptive eye and understated prose. It’s just a novel — a plotted love triangle — but masterfully handled. And Greene’s Catholic concerns are front and center here, insisting on the broadness of God’s capacity for mercy and the narrowness of our own. When Scobie takes his pills, he does so because he has completely inverted his own understanding of love. We do well to studiously avoid the same mistake.

2 thoughts on “73. The heart of the matter”

  1. Great choice! Takes me back to a lazy summer ten years ago when I spent some time with it and some Waugh.

    It’s the best kind of book. As you said: “just a novel” “peceptive eye” “understated prose” and you know, God. Both small and plenty big at the same time.

  2. I felt struck in two when I read this book and also Greene’s “The Power and the Glory.” I consider them among the best books I’d ever read. It’s been six or seven years–your visiting Greene makes me sorely want to reread his work and discover his other books.

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