recent history

“i find this quite interesting. hundreds of tracks, dozens of djs, a number of clubs and events, in effect an entire subculture based on this one drum break; i mean, based on 6 seconds from 1969.”

take a few minutes (20, but it’s worth it) to unpack the world around a piece of your world that you didn’t even know was there. and, incidentally, get an excellent, well articulated primer on the thought behind the creative commons movement: the amen break. (via twirk ethic)

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  1. Along similar lines, I received a CD in the mail yesterday called “Stax: The Soul of Hip-Hop.” It’s fourteen tracks from vintage late ’60s/early ’70s Stax R&B artists, all of which have been sampled heavily by hip-hop artists. There’s a meticulous accounting of the hip-hop samples in the liner notes, but hip-hop isn’t really my thing. It certainly is great R&B, though.

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