4×4 meme

tagged by paul. here we go.

4 jobs i’ve had

» weeder. my sister and i would weed the landscaping at the corporate property of someone who went to our church, growing up. i don’t remember his name, or what he did, but i do remember the shrubbery surrounding the sizeable acreage fronting his place of business. and my raw, smarting palms. i don’t remember the money very well.

» midnight janitor. to pay for my lifestyle at college, i moonlighted as a janitor in a 16-screen cineplex, 11pm to 6am. we’d have all night soda binges. we had the keys to the arcade machines: we’d play pole position and mortal combat for hours. i put pavement’s wowee zowee on the cineplex sound system and confused my coworkers. we had contests: how many pushups can you do, how many peppermint discs can you fit in your mouth at once, how fast can you blow all the popcorn from the back of a theater to the apron just in front of the screen with an electric leafblower (that’s how we did it, cleaning your theater, you pigs). one night my friend and coworker was leaf-blowing popcorn through the rows and up flew $1,200 in $100 bills. i like to think he plucked them out of the air but more likely he got down on his hands and knees. some drug dealer found out he had a serious issue on his hands that night after he got home from the movies, i bet. all i ever found were a handfull of razorblades after coppola’s dracula.

» scarecrow. in a touring production of the wizard of oz. not the movie songs. i got paid.

» librarian. i’ve been an instruction librarian, a reference librarian, a web librarian. i help you find out what you want to know. what do you want to know?

4 tv shows i’m watching

» lost
» arrested development
» that’s it. lost and arrested development. oh, and each night we watch a 10 minute clip from peep and the big wide world with the kids.

4 places i’ve been

» st. lucia, west indies. for the honeymoon.
» durango, colorado. my dad lived there, on a mountain.
» white mountains, new hampshire. my dad (not the same dad) grew up there. beautiful.
» houghton, michigan. the upperest of the upper peninsula.

4 musical artists i’m listening to right now

» son lux
» bon iver
» the breeders
» half-handed cloud

and, in due kind, i tag karen and michael.

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  1. I love AD. I have all 3 seasons and watch an episode almost nightly. One of the best comedies ever created (and gets better each time). Gonna have to look into your music (well, other than the Breeders, I know them).

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