lost sox

Way back when, I played the bassoon (yes, that), which took me to the UofM All-State 2-week camp at Interlochen for a few glorious years. A few of my camp counselors were devotees of a local Ann Arbor singer-songwriter named Frank Allison who had a band called the Odd Sox, and they’d (the counselors’d) play his kooky songs on their guitars.

Frank and the Odd Sox had a great album, Hokey Smoke, which unfortunately is out of print, and I still love it — sort of dirty bar rock and homemade folk-pop with this sweet side, melodic and fun with character-based story songs, you could really see how this guy would have a cult following. My camp counselors would take weekend trips all the way back downstate to see Frank together (and drink, I’m guessing).

I picked up a couple of his albums (you can too, try cdbaby) when I was old enough to have discretionary income and I’m glad I have them. Frank, unfortunately, lost his voice (“to spasmodic dysphonia”) and dropped out of the game completely for most of a decade.

Anyway, that’s why I’m writing — Frank’s back, with a great weblog chronicling his doings (frankallisonmusic.com), and a new CD on the cusp called Log Rhythms of Love, which is mellower than old Frank (a decade off to start a family might do that) but still really, really good and exciting. The entire album is currently online at his site, on the right, so you can see what I mean.

Frank Allison – Great Apes
Frank Allison – Tuts of Rootin’ Tootin’ Commons
Frank Allison – Log Rhythms of Love

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