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  1. somehow me lose your ‘dress. wanna email it to me? i have some tunes that, though you’re likely to have already heard them, might be mixed so smooth.

  2. “there are the male librarians, often sporting fabulous facial plummage, perhaps in an attempt to attract a mate.” HAH!

  3. I meant to ask this earlier, based on looking at your 52 weeks list. (1) had you read any cormac macarthy stuff earlier? the blood meridian series? or no country for old men? i have the road on my shelf for post exam reading, but maybe it’s a bit too taxing…. if it’s just like his other books, i might save it for some happier time of year, christmas or something. (2) the best book on the dust bowl is called The Dust Bowl. it’s by Don Worster, an environmental historian with a decidedly marxist approach. his parents were actually in the dust bowl, so it has a sensitiveness i really like. (3) Of Lewis’ space trilogy, i actually like each of them for different reasons. they really aren’t connected stories, excepting, of course that the characters are the same. Perelandria is the most straightforwardly allegorical, which tends to sound preachy–unless you happen to agree with him (which i guess i do). IMO, That Hideous Strength (the last of the three) is one of Lewis’ strongest books period, following Till We Have Faces and, of course, Screwtape. I love the image of the church in That Hideous Strength. And, at least i think i remember reading somewhere, Lewis felt THS was the book that really helped him define what he meant by the two sides of Phileo-love (good being the goal of the church; evil being the worldly “clique” of elites). Anyway, I would really be interested to hear what you think about all this stuff. You’re getting to read what I wish I could be reading!

  4. Ah so that’s all librarians do is walk and look when they go to the big convention! I hope our nation’s library’s executive directors don’t see this video because they’ll cancel those trips and make their librarians walk the parking lots and look at things.

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