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when i started at westland in march 2004, i took a fiction reading assessment from the adult reading roundtable. it lists representative authors in 18 categories (westerns, mystery, literary fiction, multicultural, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, etc.) and asks that you check whether you’ve read, read about, heard of, or never heard of the author. i was okay in some areas (gen x, u.s. literary fiction, horror, thrillers) and really weak in others (westerns, multicultural fiction, fantasy). i’d read 40 of the assessment’s 404 authors (10%), and never heard of 187 of them (46%).

i’ve retaken the assessement, and after three years of 52 books in 52 weeks, i think i’ve made some progress. i’ve still only read 48 of the 404 authors, but my “never heard of” tally is down 44% to 104 (just 25% of the total), and both my “heard of” and “read about” tallies are up, too. my greatest leap forward was in u.s./world literary fiction, where i read five more of the listed authors than previously. of course, in the past three years i’ve read lots and lots of authors i’d never read before (three years ago, i was acquainted with only three of the 20 authors i’ve read so far this season) — they just don’t all appear on arrt’s list. but there’s an update of the assessment planned for fall 2007… maybe i’ll try again in a couple of years.

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  1. So, congrats on covering that much ground. That’s pretty impressive. What do you think the goal of such an assessment is? Is it an attempt to sketch out a new literary “canon”? Or a measure of someone’s “well roundedness” in reading? Or, more sinisterly, is it a subtle training for burgeoning literati?

  2. well, it’s got danielle steel on it, so i’m not sure about the literati part. i think it’s meant to help you determine where you are along the line of potential popular reading interests — how like the reading-public-that-has-made-these-authors-bestsellers you are. it’s a very public librarian kind of tool.

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