46. Nonviolence: twenty-five lessons from the history of a dangerous idea

Nonviolence - Mark KurlanskyWith lessons such as “a propaganda machine promoting hatred always has a war waiting in the wings,” and “wars do not have to be sold to the general public if they can be carried out by an all-volunteer professional military,” this book is really more about being against war than about the history of the idea of nonviolence — that unique form of protest that combines activism against injustice with a refusal to strike back against reprisals brought against that activism. And really, I sense, it’s more about being against the war in Iraq than about being against war. So, it had its moments. It’s just not the book I thought I was going to be reading. But listen: nonviolence is a moral argument, and if you don’t capitulate to violence, you will always win that argument. And what’s more, nonviolence as a form of successful protest rests on the radical idea that truth and justice have power all their own, which cannot be overcome by force. So, that’s kinda cool…

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