getting into the habit

but what to say?

i’ve been required to step into the shoes of the IT (as in Information Technology) guy at work, and learned that i never want to be an IT guy. this week i have to manually update the daylight savings time settings on every single pc in the library, a process that takes about 15 minutes per pc, with three or four interventions each time. blech. the upside is that all your co-workers think you’re magic, which is nice for my ego, except that i know the truth. nice for my pretend ego, then.

i’m not going to make my quota for 52 books this year. for some reason, i decided i had to read three or four massive tomes in a row (team of rivals by doris kearns goodwin, parting the waters by taylor branch, and gravity’s rainbow, for heaven’s sake, by thomas pynchon), and they pretty much killed my average. i just finished title 41 (the absolutely perfect st. lucy’s home for girls raised by wolves, a short story debut by karen russell, which you should rush out to your local library and put on reserve right now! now! stop reading and go!), and since this thing runs from april to march, i have to read 11 more titles in the next 6 weeks (you do the math). plus, a couple of those 11 titles are also behemoths (branch’s second in the trilogy, pillar of fire, and g. j. meyer’s world war i history, a world undone), so…

next week i get to fool around with an electric bass guitar, which is exciting. oh, and, have you heard panda bear’s person pitch? its what simon and garfunkel would have sounded like if they were psych rockers with sequencers. maybe one of the best albums i’ve heard in years, can’t wait till it comes out (along with the arcade fire’s neon bible, which is possibly even better than funeral if you can believe that or even know what i’m talking about).

whew. there. that wasn’t so hard.

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  1. the new arcade fire has such echoes of born to run / darkness on the edge of town / the river -era s/ the river -era springsteen that i’m tempted to say “i have seen the future of rock and roll…”

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