you really haven’t seen me here for a while. i’m sorry about that. i’ve been laboring to reconceive this blog for our new servers, and its left various pieces of the machinery (including the interface that lets us make new entries) in disarray at various times. it also means a complete overhaul for song from me, and i guess that’s shied me away from updating here until its done.

i bet you get a lot of our daily life from zena — she’s far more eloquent, anyway, than i’ll ever be, so you’re better off for that. what do i ever post about? books, music, jokes. nothing you can’t get better and in larger quantities a million other places. btw, if you haven’t noticed, down at the bottom of zena’s page you can now go back and visit her archives. interesting stuff back there (these blogs are approaching their fourth year).

listen, i’m going to bring back spinning, mogslopper and the whole bit, just in a slightly different format. and i’ve got the feeling i’ll be posting more regularly, too. empty promises? just give me a little time. i’ve gotten out of the habit — i’ll have to make a habit of getting back into the habit.

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