spring 2006 mix

you gotta get prepared for summer. you can’t wait for june 21st to get your soul ready. so, listen, i’m giving you a jump on your summer soul with the spring 2006 mix, sweet soul music (elizabeth refined):

01. since you’ve been gone – aretha franklin
02. out of sight – james brown
03. cry baby – garnet mimms
04. the entertainer – tony clarke
05. grits ain’t groceries (all around the world) – little milton
06. foolish fool – dee dee warwick
07. do it good – bill withers
08. didn’t i – darondo
09. cry to me – solomon burke
10. bring it on home to me – sam cooke
11. who’s lovin’ you – the temptations
12. love man – otis redding
13. can i get a witness – marvin gaye
14. sweet soul music – arthur conley
15. that’s how it feels – the soul clan
16. just one look – doris troy
17. it’s your thing – the isley brothers
18. ooo baby baby – smokey robinson and the miracles

let me know (comments or email) if you’re interested. if you find these tracks compelling, i’d encourage you to check out rhino’s six disc box set, beg scream and shout, and the really sweet stuff over at o-dub’s soul sides.

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  1. This is, of course, great stuff, and I’m interested in the mix. All I can offer in return is my latest Mope Mix, which isn’t exactly conducive to fun in the sun, but which will do in a pinch on rainy summer days. I’m so glad to find someone who values Arthur Conley’s “Sweet Soul Music.” This, to me, is the quintessential sixties soul song. In addition to the sources you mentioned, the two 4-CD Motown and 7-CD Atlantic/Stax/Volt boxed sets are well worth checking out. In fact, about two-thirds of your mix can be found on those sets. By the way, Arthur Conley moved to the Netherlands in the late sixties, and continued his music career there for a couple more decades. In the U.S. he’s a one-hit wonder, but in Europe he’s as big a star as Aretha or Sam Cooke. I have a live set that he recorded there in the early ’80s that is just superb.

  2. arthur is also one fifth of the soul clan, with joe tex, ben e. king, solomon burke and don covay. “>the soul clan, with joe tex, ben e. king, solomon burke and don covay. otis redding and wilson pickett were supposed to be in there too, but redding died and pickett backed out. holy smokes! you’re right, sweet soul music is outta sight. i pulled this mix together for my sister elizabeth (hence the subtitle), and i was trying to represent a good and somewhat recognizable cross-section of soul. wait till you hear foolish fool — dee dee is dionne’s little sister.

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