open letter to teddy d

i was listening to south san gabriel the carlton chronicles in the car today and it finally clicked. what an astounding album.

you know what it makes me feel like? it makes me feel like i’m being sung to by a proud, free, fierce individual who loves me unconditionally. it’s such a good feeling. but its so sad to hear him wrestling with depression and hopelessness.

i think listening to it five or six times first just helped me get familiar with it so i could enter into the music a little deeper — i wasn’t waiting to see what happened next this time, so i could appreciate what was happening now.

and the hooks on this album — the chorus of “predatory king today,” the driving background behind “the dark of garage,” the ghostly reverb choir on “affection’s the pay,” and especially the sublime 4 minutes of instrumental at the end of “stupid is as stupid does” — are just top notch.

i’m a believer. thanks for turning me on to such a wonderful album.

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  1. I’m not Teddy D., nor do I play him at a middle school, but I wanted to recommend the previous South San Gabriel album, “Welcome, Convalescence,” just as highly. There’s the same mix of beauty and melancholia. Also, Centro-Matic, which is the slightly noiser alter-ego of the same band (really; it’s the same personnel), has just put out a wonderful new album called “Fort Recovery.” Also highly recommended. Even better, IMO, is Sun Kil Moon’s 2003 album “Ghosts of the Great Highway.” No one does bittersweet melancholia better than Mark Kozelek.

  2. I just made a new compilation entitled, “Moody Songs for Sick Days.” What is up with us? Daylight saving time? Winter finally conquering us? Melancholia must haves: Hem, Bella Parker, all things Kozolek, Sigur R�s, Arvo P�rt, Henryk Gorecki… but I like those mellow songs that have a glimmer of hope like Iron & Wine, Rosie Thomas, Devendra Banhart and the American Analog Set. Well, that’s pretty much the set list for the comp. Also my site features an advanced review of the awesome new Vetiver album which I’ll have to burn for you. Rosie Thomas plays the Magic Bag this Sunday. Lemme know if you are down with O.P.P. – sure, you know me.

  3. thanks for the props. i never tire of listening to this album and agree with andy – ssg’s previous album is really good. check out centro-matic’s new album. they’re the fuzzed out sound of will johnsons musical outpourings. his solo stuff is good as well. his last album, vultures await, is a good listen. prolific artist to be sure.

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