listening to

danielson – ships (awesome, not like i’d heard at all!)
breeders – pod (“iris” is one of the best rock songs ever)
south san gabriel – the carlton chronicles (think mmj but less reverb)
tv on the radio – desperate youths, bloodthirsty babes (rocks slow)
savath & savalas – apropa’t (background party music in spanish)

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  1. TV on the Radio is so different from most stuff I’ve heard. Good stuff. Where is this Danielson magic you speak of? I can’t find them….

  2. Mr Neds-Fox, As a known enthusiast for Half-Handed Cloud, which album of theirs would you recommend to someone who is just getting started? I love most indie music, and have really gotten into the whole Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, My Morning Jacket, Decemberists, Bloc Party and Sun Kil Moon type bands. Leave a comment on my blog (, or leave a comment here! Thanks, friend. Also, any other musical recommendations you want to make would be most appreciated!

  3. if i’m correct,e, your question was not where is his website, but where can we find these ‘ships’ tracks you rave about? i must also know.

  4. here’s the ships story: i’ve been aware that danielson was working on ships for a while, via the sounds familyre announce list. since i’ve never bothered to listen to danielson (i bought an album by his dad, lenny smith, back in columbus some time ago), i wasn’t following this one too closely. when i saw this promo copy at used kids, i figured it had already been released. imagine my surprise when, scanning the web for reviews, i discovered i’d snapped up a pre-release copy two months early. now i feel like the cat who ate the canary. and it’s soooo good. better even than that download single, which sounds a little too much like modest mouse for my taste.

  5. wow. what a treasure. normally i would attempt to pressure you for it, but considering my trust of your aural pallet, and my personal fondness of the br. i’ll just go buy it. is it out yet?

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