garage sale, one dollar, u2’s boy (cardboard gatefold sleeve, too). i’ve said before that u2 never held quite the allure, for me, that it seems to hold for my friends. i’d never heard this album before. but spinning it in the car this week, i have to say it’s a good listen. bono’s new wave melodies kinda tickle my funnybone. adam’s bass is classic! am i the last one to have heard boy? anyone else have a fond place in their heart for this album?

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  1. yes, you are the very last person on this earth to have heard it. 🙂 War is my favorite by far. i can’t actually remember what is on Boy…refresh my memory please?

  2. oh yeah!!! it’s so good. i love “old” U2 stuff though…of course i haven’t listened to it in a while. 🙂 i think i’m going to get the cd you let me borrow while i was visiting for randy. but i cannot remember the guys name. i can only remember the wrong name i kept calling him. help!

  3. thankyou thankyou thankyou. i hope randy likes it. but fortunately, i do…so if he doesn’t: free cd for me! 🙂

  4. IMO, top ten U2 albums: 1) War 2) JTree 3) Achtung 4) AYCLB 5) Boy 6) Zooropa 7) October 8) Unforgettable Fire 9) Pop 10) R&H

  5. josh, when you come over, i’ll spin my 12″ of U2 “Three” for ya. when you hear that scratchy vinyl sound, it’ll make you love Boy even more. especially compared with the lackluster rest of the 1979 music scene.

  6. IMO, top 10 U2 albums 1)ATYCLB 2)Achtung Baby 3)Pop 4)The Joshua Tree 5)War 6)Boy 7)Rattle & Hum 8)Zooropa 9)The unforgettable fire 10)October

  7. michael, first of all, how on earth can War be all the way down to number 5? NO WAY. you’re crazy! second, how about i burn you a copy once we get it? i am going to give it to randy for a birthday gift, so i can’t really loan it our right away. but it’s super good. ofcourse, you didn’t really like the white stripes…so i don’t know….(he doesn’t sound anything like the w.s., it’s just the principle).

  8. imho, top ten U2 albums: 1) joshua tree 2) pop 3) rattle and hum 4) war 5) …uh, i’d rather be listening to something else by the time i get here. pavement, maybe. imho, top five pavement albums: 1) brighten the corners 2) crooked rain crooked rain 3) wowee zowee 4) slanted and enchanted 5) terror twilight

  9. there we go, put some pavement on for a while and we can be just slightly elietest about it too.

  10. JNF, My favorite U2 albums are: 1) Actung Baby 2) War 3) Joshua Tree 4) Unforgetable Fire 5) Rattle & Hum 6) ATCLB 7) POP 8) Boy 9) October 10) Zooropa

  11. karen. war is good, but not consistently through the entire album ‘2 hearts beat as one’ — i …

  12. Oh, were doing top10 U2! Ok 1) Achtung- (the U2 i grew up on) 2) Pop- (severly underrated) 3) Unforgettable Fire- (passionate only begins to describe it) 4) JT- (hard to ignore the brilliance) 5) Zooropa- (some lyrical gems here) 6) Boy- (innocent and unforgiving) 7) War- (half of this album is brilliant) 8) ATYCLB- (comeback album, overhyped but still great) 9) October- (is this christian rock?) 10) R & H- ( i could do without 80% of this)

  13. ok, well then mine?? 1. unforgetable fire (first one i owned, for sentiment) 2. atyclb 3. pop (totally underrated) 4. jt 5. actung baby 6. r&h 7. october 8. boy 9. war 10. zooropa

  14. i think the debate is between ‘earnest’ but sometimes cheezy 80s U2 and ‘ironic’ 90s U2. i gotta say for the record, though i love them more than any other band and their worst record is better than most bands’ greatest, the boys got themselves in trouble with Pop (please notwithstanding). the irony became hyper-irony and then became so self-referential that it seemed to be just as empty as the thing it was making fun of. kitsch is funny for a while, until it becomes a lifestyle. is an ironic mullet less of a mullet? therefore Pop canneverever be as good as War, nor pavement as good as U2. there–that oughta get you another 10 comments!

  15. despite the kitsch on pop, there is a real depth in the lyrics and music. pop showcases a u2 who have evolved into incredible songwriters, just choosing to present their songs in a dance/techno format. but the truth is all of these songs would sound as good done in a rock band format OR sung by one person with an acoustic. war, on the other hand, is before they had developed as songwriters and alot of it is fluff (although earnest fluff) and stuff they luckilly stumbled upon. in war U2 was still trying to find themselves. in pop they had arrived….

  16. (continued) don’t get me wrong..there are great tracks on war (new years, SBS, 40) but u2 was still deciding what kind of band they wanted to be having let go of the overt spirituality of ‘october’. pop is real. it is vulnerable. it is where the rubber meets the road. although they may have been acting like rockstars, lyrically pop is among their best. there is no hiding and no pretenses in the music alone. if you want true earnestness (from a band who knows themselves and is choosing to expose themselves), then pop is the album for you. that is why pop is foreverevereverevereverevereverever better than war.

  17. there’s nothing elitist about my preference for pavement over u2. it’s an arbitrary issue of taste, without any judgement of those who do prefer u2. pavement sounds good in my ears, much the way black licorice tastes good to my tongue. i expect others prefer some different tastes– cream cheese, for instance, which i can’t stand (even in cheesecake).

  18. if there is absolutely nothing objective to what is proclaimed “excellent” or “terrible”–if all we can say is “i like _____” or “i can’t stand _____”, then: (a) why is it that some things are uniformly popular amongst people of differing backgrounds (pizza, for instance) (2) how can we give awards like the grammys or oscars? is “schindler’s list” absolutely equal objectively to “dude, where’s my car?” or “debbie does dallas”? and if there is a bit–even a tiny bit–of objectivity to our judgments, where does that come from and why? and if not, then what’s the point in arguing or even stating what we like? < deep in thought >

  19. i think some would prefer ‘dude, where’s my car’ to ‘schindler’s list.’ i thought ‘gladiator’ was pretty laughable; it won best picture at the oscars. but that’s just me– many would think my own picks are laughable. it’s a slippery slope, setting standards on taste. i find myself contemplating a parallel question an awful lot, which is: if the form is to be praised but the content is despicable, can the work be considered good?

  20. clarification… i wouldn’t label the work “good” but maybe intelligent or talented or creative well-crafted or even genius… but maybe the word “good” had a different definition to me.

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