what’s a good catch-all title for a blog post?

so, the petersons have had their daughter, greta. and the gallaughers have had their daughter, katie. and it sounds like neither of them is getting much sleep– this is when they need prayer for god’s physical graces. right now they can all four of them remember what it was like to hang out together, just the two of them (i mean, each husband-wife pair), without there being any child in tow. zena and i can’t remember this. we can remember specific times in our lives when this must have been the case, but the memories are indistinct and weightless. life is about children now, or maybe children are just about.

zena asked if maybe fatherhood was a bit of a blank for me, having not had my father around for many crucial years. i do feel a little like i’m making it up as i go along. but i don’t feel incompetent. i love that mazzy asks for me to sing her to sleep– i’m needed, i’ve secured a vital place for myself in her nightly routine. she sucks on the fingers of her one hand and tucks the other arm inside the crook of my elbow, then pulls it out and rests it on the outside of my arm, then tucks it back in, then pulls it out, then she settles down and usually falls asleep. sometimes in the middle of the night she wakes up; then she cries out and i go upstairs and into her dark room, lift her from her crib and set her on my hip, and bring her water bottle to her lips. sometimes she gives a little very-tired-laugh during this process, before she drinks: ‘heh-heh.’ then i set her back on her pillow and she goes right back to sleep, and i stumble back downstairs and do the same. true love. i don’t have to feed her for 15 minutes in the middle of the night like some other neds-foxes i could name.

52 books in 52 weeks. i’m serious about it right now, but ask me again in 10 weeks. so far i’ve finished:

prey, by michael crichton (terrible. just absolutely terrible.)

maus 2, by art spiegelman (which, with its precursor maus 1, i strongly recommend)

the cloud atlas, by liam callanan (very very good fiction, about a priest in alaska and his wartime assignment, tracking and defusing japanese ballon bombs that float across the pacific. a few plot holes, but otherwise super-enjoyable)

dixie city jam, by james lee burke (my first mystery fiction, recommended by chris adamski; very hard boiled)

monster of god, by david quammen (gripping non-fiction about man’s modern day relationship with alpha predators: you know, lions tigers and bears… and crocodiles. remind me to write about the concept of ‘keystone species’ sometime)

and now i’m reading fiction again: jamesland, by michelle huneven, as recommended by my favorite author, richard russo. report to follow. so, as you can see, since i started in april, i’m actually up one book on my schedule. keep the pace, joshua…

okay, this post is going on way too long. let me take just one more moment to welcome joe long to spinning. joe has posted three good reviews, one for muse’s new album, one for m. ward’s transfigurations of vincent, and one for my morning jacket’s 2003 popular fave, it still moves (joe- i’ll fix the page tonight). also, michael is back with his take on otr’s ohio and jim zartman’s one step, and i (ahem) slam modest mouse’s good news for people who love bad news (i finally put my thoughts into words, amanda). which is bad news if you love good news.

off to read…

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  1. josh… how are you choosing books? and do you ever find that reading so much and being so regimented in your reading is a touch balance to also having a devotional life? (i do.) i love the book reviews. keep them coming.

  2. Richard Russo is my favorite author as well. I was surprised to see he was yours. Great minds think alike. Or maybe just minds raised the same.

  3. eliz- i think i gave you one of his books a number of years ago (risk pool or straight man). i didn’). i didn’t like empire falls, though. chelsea – i choose books by their covers. it’s hard to read for devotion and for pleasure at the same time. sometimes i’m up on one, sometimes the other. but this is partly job related: now that i’m in the public library, i have to do a lot of readers advisory.

  4. what is “readers advisory”? sorry if that’s a silly question. i just read an interesting book called “forever” but pete hammill. not sure what i thought of it yet. parts were really intereseting and other parts totally lost me. but the premise is fascinating. a man who is granted immortality as long as he doesn’t leave the island of manhatten. 1740 to present. interesting. long book but quick read. kind of cheesy but thought provoking. interesting look at the evolution of a city. etc.

  5. reader’s advisory is helping folks find new books to read. sometimes they like a particular genre or author, or book… i have to help them find what to read next. i have 20 or so patrons for whom i have to actually select books every two weeks and deliver them to their homes! forever looks interesting. i’ll definitely have to keep it in mind for my readers.

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