reading. it takes time and effort. sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, if you’re really transported by a novel and it’s super fun to read (note that it doesn’t have to be a good novel to have this effect; see the entire harry potter series for example). but then sometimes, it does.

since i’m doing reader’s advisory now, i’m attempting (erik) to follow the “52 books, 52 weeks” meme. april has been fairly easy (three weeks, three books finished), but this fourth one is coming down to the wire. i’m on a reading regimen: 50 pages every day, no questions asked. it means staying up till eleven most nights to get it done. the book (david quammen’s monster of god) is a pleasure to read, it’s just also a discipline.

i like this program: its nice to read fiction again. maybe i’ll talk about more of the books i’m reading, later. after i finish another 50 pages.

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