slowly adjusting

you know, i do believe we’re going to adjust to living in michigan with the adamskis. we spent a day this week out in bellville with zena’s uncle and aunt, just hanging out in the big backyard, riding bikes up and down the drive and chasing mazzy’s cousins around. a great day outside, which would have been an overnight trip, with lots of planning, packing and driving, had we lived in ohio. not so, now.

spinning has slowed to a crawl. i guess it’s to be expected– it really jumped out of the gate. i have a number of albums i’d like to write about, but computer time is less abundant here in michigan (not to mention writing time). let’s not kill it yet, though. check out scott sloan‘s review of jan krist.

the church at royal oak vineyard– the church, as in the body of believers there– is really doing its best to welcome us into the kingdom. its such a relief after mansfield. its a profound thing, to love someone with the love of christ, and its implications go beyond what you can imagine.

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