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abraham is laughing whenever he wakes up and i tickle his chin. chris sings, “jaja and abie save the daaaaaaaaayyyy!,” and abe starts cooing and talking to him. had no idea babies grew so fast! mazzy, too, is getting down to business. she’s pushing herself up and standing in the middle of the room, then taking three or four steps to whatever person/structure is nearest. there’s a reason they call it the ‘motor city.’

this public library gig is so cool. i gotta learn so much stuff so quick.

the horror movie elements of the passion of the christ were a little much. but maybe it’s just god’s paradoxical nature coming up again: the last shall be first, he uses the very weak things of the world to shame the strong, by his stripes we are healed, etc. but then again, it doesn’t sound right: the day of our salvation is also the day of our greatest horror. anyway, i could have done without the nightmare material, worms and ancient babies and children with fangs and decomposing donkeys and stuff.

by the way, the movie sure did slam home the meaning of communion for me. and the fact that we hated god but he still loved us. zena will have to tell you about the j.i. packer part. oh, and then we went out to a great middle-eastern restaurant in dearborn, la shish. it was middle-eastern night for us.

michael mentioned music for films in his passenger’s review, so i reviewed it. there’s some other good newer stuff there too if you haven’t looked recently.


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  1. sufjan stevens is rocking my world today. unforeseen problem of digital music: if you import it in a different order than the original CD or through the process of shuffling, it gets completely reorganized, you miss those glorious transitions between one song and the next. [sigh] btw, is lovely. do i need to do anything? am i supposed to send something somewhere? eat a cake that says “eat me” and a drink that says “drink me” or anything?

  2. no, you just have to get my butt in gear. i’m going to email you with the specifics once i build a frame for you to show your photos. i hope you’ll forgive the delay– we’ve been in a prolonged state of disarray for the last couple weeks.

  3. all is understood–no forgiveness needed! i just wanted to make sure that everything was okay and nothing had slipped my mind. the baby is probably hours rather than weeks away at this point and it’s hard to remember stuff…

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