broadcast resumed

back on the air.

it’s hard for me to comment on the stuff of life when it’s all happening thick and fast. my critical faculties are slow like maple sap– while “really big life events” are going on, i kind of clam up tight. this move is such a major shift for us: from living autonomously to living communally, from being far from family to being near, from no church family to a healthy church family. a new job with new responsibilities. and so much is still in god’s hands: our house, will it sell, and where can we afford to live here, both monetarily and in terms of mazzy’s education? the whole thing is just very difficult for me to process neatly, and especially in writing. no answers, no conclusions.

but, too, zena is relieved to have support with the kids. my in-laws are easygoing, my kids love them. the public library is exciting, looks like a good fit. there are so many indications that this is god’s will for us.

my online response time will definitely be a little slower– more people, less computer. but i don’t intend to abandon this site, by any means.

here’s a cool link for you music fans: the electric biscuit mp3 page. oh, and megan, for you: bob dylan mp3s (above links via large-hearted boy, which you should visit every day!).

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  1. don’t remember where i found it. read it every day because he scours the web for cool music and linknd links to it in his blog.

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