i’m not going to link directly to jaguaro.org/feature/archives/000007.html because the writing is a little too vitriolic (i.e., read this with discretion if you’re easily offended). but the recommendation is intriguing: 100 albums you should remove from your collection immediately. from the site:

the entries on this list fall roughly into three categories:

“- critically bullet-proof artifacts whose weighty presence on the shelf is complimented perfectly by their perpetual absence from the cd player.

“- albums by new artists that have only their newness and the marketing efforts of music conglomerates to recommend them. alternately, new albums by established artists that are slavishly hailed as the big comeback.

“- nostalgic favorites that maintain their place by tradition and neglect more than actual merit.

i’ve actually already taken jaguaro’s advice in a surprising number of cases, including nirvana’s nevermind, lou reed’s transformer, every morrissey album, and u2’s zooropa (among others, 17 of them in all). i plan to add, as recommended, stereolab’s transient random noise-bursts with announcements: i never ever listen to it.

and he perfectly sums up my feelings about sarah mclachlan with recommendation no. 65:

‘fumbling towards ecstasy / surfacing’ — you get to keep one. which one? flip a coin. it won’t make any difference.

7 thoughts on “purging”

  1. fumbling towards ecstasy / surfacing’ — you get to keep one. which one? flip a coin. it won’t make any difference. Josh, that is hilarious. and so very true. Randy and I desperately need to purge, but now that we’ve decided not to hang on to the cases…i think we’re stuck. sigh. well, once less thing i have to do then. -karen

  2. MAN, that means i have to get rid of my “Wu Tang Clan” and “Rancid” CDs… I was really thinkin’ that they were going to be classics… I think that this guy MUST be an idiot…:)

  3. i wish i was someone whose opinion mattered so i could say “wow, some of those albums continue to be the most meaningful connections i have with music so blow it out your ear, self-righteous prig.” but i can’t, so i guess i best gather up my sad, well-worn collection of prized U2, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Beatles, RHCP, Wilco, Jane’s Addiction, Beastie Boys, Sting, Chemical Brothers, Beck, Public Enemy, Who, REM, Fugazi, Bowie, Clash, NIN, and Pink Floyd albums and sell them back for about $10 so I can buy another album that Jaguaro would approve of. i mistakenly conflated “music i love” with “music i should be listening to. i repent. instead, may i listen to another Belle & Sebastian album please? or maybe Janet Jackson…I don’t see her on this list anywhere…?

  4. woah, i just thought it was funny… he’s a funny, self-righteous prig! i didn’t say i agreed with teed with the guy! i’m not selling my u2 or beatles albums either. listen to whatever you like, e! or, you know, what’s the point?

  5. sorry–once again digital media fails us. i was attempting to also be sardonic (as was the guy in the article, i suppose), but it came across as ranting. i apologize if i put you on the defensive… the article just emphasized for me the acrid “if you like them then i won’t” mentality that seems to be strewn about the cultural landscape. if you do want to throw out anything, i’ll take it though!

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