rhino records is reissuing an expanded-remastered marquee moon, on which television debut right and tight and rewrite the book on new york art punk in 1977. if you’ve never heard it, you can listen here. what was that game about ‘if i had a free 20 dollars’ again? this is a fantastic album; as chris dahlen writes at

“the things that make the record so classic, that pump your blood like a breath of clean air, are the guitars. this whole record’s a mash note to them. the contrast between these two essential leads is stunning: richard lloyd chisels notes out hard while verlaine works with a subtle twang and a trace of space-gazing delirium. they play lines that are stately and chiming, rutting and torrential, the riff, the solo, the rare power chord, and most of all, the power note: the second pang on the riff to ‘venus de milo’ lands like a barbell; the opening bars of ‘see no evil’ show one axe rutting the firmament while the other spirals razorwire around it.”

it took me years to understand this album, but isn’t that the way with great albums? the ones that get you going right away never seem to have staying power. it’s the whiny ones, the ones that demand you spend time with them, pay attention to them, the ones that poke you and shout ‘me, me, listen to me’ that turn out to be the keepers.

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