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jeff cannell, who blogs about his kids and his wife and his faith, somehow caught the fact that z’s blog is up and running on the very day she started. i don’t know that zena will do this regularly, unless i can get a web interface up for her to use. she’s not terribly comfortable with ftp, etc. jeff’s blog is a good model for any blogger– it’s kind of an online testimony to god’s goodness and jeff’s enthusiasm for the way god made him and the people god has put around him. come to think of it, jeff is a good model, period. go read jeff’s blog.

some of my friends use their blogs as a sort of online diary; others use them as a communication experiment. this blog is handmade so there’s no ‘blogger’-style functionality (comments, etc.), which means no communication (although you can feel free to email me or call or stop by). and i don’t know if i’m comfortable with the diary model. i envisioned it as sort of a commentary on music and jesus and math, and a place to post links to interesting stuff. i mean, you gotta think carefully how much personal reflection you want to post out there to the ether. if i talk about what happened to me today, and it involves people around me, do they really want their lives slapped up on the internet for as long as i hold this domain name?

i guess the character of the blog will develop over time.

btw, the two towers extended edition is so much better than the theatrical release as to almost be a crime against the movie-going public. it’s also butt-numbingly long. see it for the grace notes (pip and merry drinking ent draught, gandalf revealing ‘i am saruman, as he should have been’) and for the absolutely essential plot and character development (boromir and faramir in osgiliath with their father before the calling of the fellowship). and see it again for the coolest special effect: legolas catching the reigns of a moving horse and swinging himself up onto its back, defying gravity like an astronaut. in the future, high school kids will have cult ‘lord of the rings’ parties where they stay up all night watching the three movies back to back. come to think of it, so will a lot of people my age.

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