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thanksgiving night after everyone left chris and i stayed up and partook of some media together. he pulled out his old lp of van morrison’s “into the music”, and put the headphones on my head and i listened to the whole thing. van recorded this in 1979, the year of the clash’s “london calling” and many other punk/wave triumphs. but here’s van, a man with the courage of his convictions, not changing up his sound for the kids, just doing what he does and doing it well. “into the music” kicks off with bright side of the road, but then it goes into full force gale:

like a full force gale
i was lifted up again
i was lifted up again by the lord

it’s really cool to see my father-in-law connecting with christ. he prayed for the thanksgiving meal– just an honest prayer of a regular guy. it made me smile.

after van, we stayed up and watched standing in the shadows of motown/ growing up in detroit, you can’t help but know every motown song in your very bones. this was a documentary of the band that played on all of them, behind stevie, marvin, the temps, the tops, the supremes, smokey, everyone. they played on more #1 hits than the beatles, the stones, the beach boys and elvis presley combined. but until this documentary came out they remained virtually unknown and almost completely unsung. it’s something, watching these men get their due… you can tell they’ve waited a long time, sort of starved for affection, or recognition, or even acknowledgement.

i completely recommend that you go out and find a copy of this movie and watch it. it’s so affecting, in a good way.

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